Middle School Identity Project

Georgetown Middle School students participated in a special art project sponsored by the Georgetown Cultural Council lead by Artist Educator Nora Cannon entitled “Identity” during a middle school advisory session.

Nora Cannon wrote the Local Cultural Council grant as a response to the anti-Semitic school incident (s). Using art as the vehicle every middle school student participates in creating a part of what will become a larger work of art to understand and embrace individual and cultural differences. Self Identity is a natural part of every adolescents development, Cannon wrote in the cultural grant, this project has every student starting with themselves by identifying who they are, inside and out.

Cannon went on to explain how the project is broken down several steps first- self reflection writing and prompt questions, next sketching ideas which are then painted or drawn on the inside and outside of the wooden form representing them. The last portion was to make a large sculpture with all of the forms. Student groups were asked to work together to generate ideas, and make more then one sculpture from all of their work and name each sculpture created.

Science teacher and 8th grade advisor Christine Fogarty commented on how the advisory long block allowed us time to slow down and share. I felt we all left today knowing a bit more about each other – which will make a stronger middle school.

The students came up with so many different ideas as they created a variety of sculptures together Nora Cannon noted as she visited each group to see them busily working away. I feel my goal for the project was met in just hearing the positive comments and ideas generated by the students.

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