Georgetown Council on Aging New Mural Installed

Mary Paganelli Mural

Artist and Georgetown resident Mary Paganelli mural for the Council on Aging (COA) has been installed at the center and the event was celebrated during the annual Holiday Party.

Mary Paganelli received a grant from the Georgetown Cultural Council to design a mural for the newly opened center. The grant included participation from COA volunteers to give input about the design and meet with Mary to paint the large mural.

“ I wanted to capture vital active seniors doing a variety of programs that take place at the COA”, commented Mary. My painting style is to use bold colors, because I love color! I designed this mural with simple forms placed within a patchwork quilt background. “

Mary is a talented artist with a unique style all her own- added Nora Cannon Council Chairperson. This is a wonderful example of how local cultural grant funds are used to benefit the community.

Mary’s long creative painting career started as a very young girl who loved to draw fashions and women of the 30’s and 40’s. Mainly self taught she developed her eye and talents through her continual passion for learning and producing a large body of work. She travelled to Mexico and New York to study with master painters. Additionally, she has taken courses at: Montserrat College of Art, Beverly; Museum of Fine Arts and Massachusetts College of Art, Boston; and the University of Salem. She also worked as an artist for Droll Designs that created whimsical, high end ceramic ware. She also created and made many designs of ceramic “Luv Pins” that were sold from Maine to Florida.

Her exhibition list includes: Georgetown, Boxford, and Haverhill Libraries; the Newburyport and Haverhill Art Associations group shows; and Art in the Park in Georgetown, Bradford, and San Miguel Di Allende. Mexico.

Simons and Goodwin Concert

The Simons and Goodwin Concert was held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 – 10:00-11:00am. Bob Simons and Renee Goodwin celebrated the fall and start of the holidays with special musical entertainment performed for the Georgetown COA on Tuesday Nov. 7, 10 a.m. at the Georgetown Senior Community Center. Along with holiday music, Bob and Renee performed folk music featuring finger-style guitar music. Holiday themed refreshments were served.


The Local Cultural Council (LCC) Program is the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation supporting thousands of community-based projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences annually. The program promotes the availability of rich cultural experiences for every citizen.

These include school field trips, afterschool programs, concerts, festivals, lectures, theater, dance, music, and film. LCC projects take place in schools, community centers, libraries, elder care facilities, town halls, parks, and wherever communities come together.

Individuals, schools, and cultural organizations are eligible to apply for project support from their local council. Funding for cultural field trips is also available.. The LCC funds programs in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences in Massachusetts. This definition includes the study, pursuit, performance, exhibition, and appreciation of cultural activities in the broadest sense.  The events are for the public benefit  and meet local criteria interest.

This year applications are on line all information: Go to Our Grants Page for more info and to Apply!


Contact: Nora Cannon Chairperson (978) 352-6334

Middle School Identity Project

Georgetown Middle School students participated in a special art project sponsored by the Georgetown Cultural Council lead by Artist Educator Nora Cannon entitled “Identity” during a middle school advisory session.

Nora Cannon wrote the Local Cultural Council grant as a response to the anti-Semitic school incident (s). Using art as the vehicle every middle school student participates in creating a part of what will become a larger work of art to understand and embrace individual and cultural differences. Self Identity is a natural part of every adolescents development, Cannon wrote in the cultural grant, this project has every student starting with themselves by identifying who they are, inside and out.

Cannon went on to explain how the project is broken down several steps first- self reflection writing and prompt questions, next sketching ideas which are then painted or drawn on the inside and outside of the wooden form representing them. The last portion was to make a large sculpture with all of the forms. Student groups were asked to work together to generate ideas, and make more then one sculpture from all of their work and name each sculpture created.

Science teacher and 8th grade advisor Christine Fogarty commented on how the advisory long block allowed us time to slow down and share. I felt we all left today knowing a bit more about each other – which will make a stronger middle school.

The students came up with so many different ideas as they created a variety of sculptures together Nora Cannon noted as she visited each group to see them busily working away. I feel my goal for the project was met in just hearing the positive comments and ideas generated by the students.